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1 week ago
NERL celebrated its first Anniversary on 26th of September, 2018 with all its 'Partners of Growth' in Mumbai. Here's to many more years and milestones to achieve. nerl_repository photo
2 weeks ago
A much awaited 'Post Graduate Diploma on Agri-warehousing Management (PGDAWM)’ launched by National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE). For working professionals and young graduates exploring new professional milestones in the Agri-warehousing industry. #eNWR nerl_repository photo
3 weeks ago
CWC Tamil Nadu region’s 1st Electronic #WarehouseReceipt ( #eNWR) has been generated on the #NERL platform in @cwc_warehouse ’s #Puducherry Warehouse in September, 2018. nerl_repository photo
3 weeks ago
Thanking all our 'Partners of Growth' for being a part of our journey today.
Happy Birthday, NERL!
nerl_repository photo
3 weeks ago
Article by Shri Siraj Hussain in today's HT Mint Opinion | Warehousing receipt system: the missing link