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1 week ago
Here's a video that will help you understand various aspects of Derivatives Settlements in commodity trading.

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2 weeks ago
For most Agri commodities, our surpluses are so marginal that we have been forced to import maize two years in a row. We urgently need all warehouses to be registered with WDRA so that private stocks are known to Govt and it can take informed decisions on import & export policy.
2 weeks ago
1/5 WDRA has created a 3 tier structure for registering & managing warehouses (WHs), clients thru Repositories - digital platforms for issuing electronic WH receipts (eNWR) for agri-commodities stored in registered WHs & maintaining records of #eNWRs.
2 weeks ago
In a liberal trade environment where farmer’s produce can be purchased by anyone outside APMCs, only on a PAN card, it is essential for the government to know the private stocks. This is easily achievable by compulsory registration of warehouses with WDRA:
2 weeks ago
Dr Ashok Gulati argues for registration of storage facilities under the Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority so that the Govt knows stock position and location of food stuffs with private sector. via @FinancialXpress
3 weeks ago
Will India's Contract Farming Ordinance Be a Corporate Lifeline for Agriculture? Here I examine the Ordinance: via @thewire_in