Introduction of repositories in the commodity markets will transform the manner in which market participants interact with each other. Electronic maintenance of Warehouse Receipts would resolve the problem of inadequate speed of transactions, process of splitting of Warehouse Receipts, forgery, bad deliveries, double financing and loss of receipts etc.
The envisioned eNWR system will help depositors by:

  • Enabling book-entry holding of Warehouse Receipts that can help handle transfers and pledging efficiently
  • Enabling multiple transfers of title of the commodities
  • Facilitate standardization of farm produce, grading, scientific warehousing, packaging and efficient logistics management
  • Enabling consumers (industries, processors, wholesalers, retailers etc.) to procure graded produce at competitive prices
  • Enabling efficient clearing, settlement and delivery of eWR’s

Any individual or an entity desiring to transact in eWR’s can open an account with a Repository Participant by making a request in the prescribed form & fulfilling all the formalities laid down by the RP’s.


Any individual or an entity not debarred by any regulatory authority in India like WDRA, SEBI, PFRDA, IRDA etc.


Kindly get in touch with any of the empanelled Repository Participants


Depositor / client need to fulfil the requirements prescribed by RP / Repository


Kindly get in touch with any of the empanelled Repository Participants