Repository application is a web based application, which will be available 24X7 apart from scheduled downtime. It provides an end to end solution for all the transactions related to electronic warehouse receipt that can be either Negotiable or Non-Negotiable. Application is highly transparent with maintenance of complete Audit trails of all the
Transactions and is also scalable to handle the increase in market demand.



  • End to End handling of all transactions related with electronic warehouse receipt.
  • Internet accessible Web based system compatible with mobile devices
  • Highly Transparent with Audit Trail capability.
  • Real time system with almost 24 / 7 availability.
  • Highly secure in nature with role based access management
  • Complete Interface for all the stakeholders i.e. Beneficiary, Repository Participants (RPs) , Warehouseman (WSPs) , Financial Institutions (Pledgee), Commodity Derivatives Exchange and Physical Market.
  • Scalable and capable of handling increasing market demand.